Converting an area in your property for sale in Malta into a home office

Converting an area in your property for sale in Malta into a home office

Though Covid-19 has ushered in unknown circumstances for many people, one positive thing that has come from it is that it has opened the world’s eyes to the idea of remote working. A worldwide pandemic brought with it a high demand for at home work areas after the start of lockdown. The viability and demand for telecommuting have never before proved to be sustainable. But now, months into post-lockdown, companies and employees are recognising that it may not be necessary to return back to the old office routine full time - seeing the possibility of this becoming a permanent situation which benefits both parties. This does raise the question - how long should a person be expected to work from their dining table?

A home office, if done correctly, doesn’t need to cost much to create. If you have the space for it, it could also be a wise addition to any properties for sale in Malta given the current climate. Our real estate agents at Zanzi Homes are finding that the request for a property with a potential home office is on the rise.

Add value to your property for sale in Malta by offering the buyer the option to move their work space off the dining room table and into a dedicated office area.

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From dead space to work space

Many properties for sale in Malta have small unused areas that could easily be transformed into an office with a little creativity and a dash of paint. Consider areas in your house which are underused and underappreciated like your garage or a spare bedroom which could use some sprucing up or a full renovation.

By adding an office space you can add an extra amenity to your property for sale in Malta.

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We love this gorgeously renovated cosy space as seen in Homeworks Magazine Malta. Check out their Pinterest Board for more design inspiration.

 Keep It Simple

The great thing about converting a room into a workspace is that you can add value to your property for sale by investing in basic gadgets that won’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. A desk, personal computer, desk chair, keyboard and mouse will make for the perfect home-work space for future owners to enjoy. A less intrusive conversion of a room will increase the attention from people looking to buy property in Malta and real estate agents alike. The garage could be the perfect space as it’s detached from the home yet still convenient, will only require a few changes and will be spacious enough.

The Wonder Forest also offer some great tips and tricks on how to convert your tiny space into a comfortable and functional work space.

Create a space full of light and life to attract buyers looking for property in Malta.

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Could you afford to renovate completely?

If you have the budget, you could opt to build an office into your home or design an external structure to build in your outdoor space. The most lucrative way to add value to your property would be to remodel your garden area. A basic cabin structure will add an extra asset to your property. Adding an extra structure will always be a good investment, it will add value in the current work from home property market climate but could also be used as a versatile space which can easily double up as a bedroom in future. The great thing about having an outdoor office is the constant daylight to counteract the amount of time spent looking at a screen and the greenery that surrounds the space giving it a sense of life. This will offer potential buyers the privacy and a space with no distractions to get work done.

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