Looking to sell your Property on the Malta Property Market? Maximise your success with these handy tips.

Looking to sell your Property on the Malta Property Market? Maximise your success with these handy tips.

Has the recent shift in the real estate market tempted you to put your home to the test to figure out how much value it really holds? Your biggest goal when attempting to generate as much profit from your property as possible is to increase the probability of selling at the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Here are a few tips to help increase your chances of selling your property before the end of the year.

As a seller, you are in a position to make your home as profitable as possible. You can do this by making small, non-costly adjustments to your property before putting it on the market. You, as the seller, have two opportunities to make this happen. Thanks to technology, photos on the Zanzi Homes and Quicklets websites will be the first virtual peek potential property buyers will get into your home. This will be their first impression, which is why your property needs to be in the best shape possible for real estate agents in Malta to be able to exhibit the place through pictures to the best of their ability.

The second chance you get is when those buying a home in Malta actually come to visit your property. In order to increase your chances of selling, you must ensure that on both occasions your home for sale is in the best of conditions possible, that means PREP.

The importance of decluttering before putting your property on the Maltese property market.

To make the most out of this, prepare to declutter and organise. It’s all about first impressions. Prioritise keeping surfaces tidy and objects in cupboards and out of sight. This is the first step in making your home for sale in Malta or Gozo look more spacious and organised and so don’t underestimate its importance.

Organising furniture and your personal belongings will help give the impression that the space is bigger than it is. You’ll also be showing off a tidy and clean home to property agents as well as potential purchasers, which can help them imagine the space with their own stuff inside. Don’t forget, if a room looks dark than it can appear to be smaller, especially in photos. This could be be a huge turn off for buyers who want to get the most bang for their buck. Open up your blinds or curtains and allow the natural light to flow in. This can win you some major points. The goal here is to get home-hunters to visualise themselves living in the space as it makes them more likely to put in an offer.

If you feel like you might need some sprucing up or more of a modern touch to intrigue more real estate agents in Malta, why not try out some upcycling DIYs. You can get some ideas from one of our blogs from our Quicklets rental site. Or check out Eva and Erik from Purple Sun Design, Malta resident furniture upcycling gurus. This is also the perfect time to fix up all those small jobs that you've been meaning to get done for months now. This will ensure that your property won’t be pushed aside due to these non-costly and quick fixes.

Tips when putting your home on a property site.

When showcasing your property on a real estate website like Zanzi homes, you should aim to attract as many people as possible by showing off the functionality of your home. Segmenting your rooms and giving them a purpose will also help possible future owners envision living in your home when viewing your home virtually. Be sure that the photos you’re presenting match the description, marketing and the space you’re conveying. You as a home seller can do this by showing them what they could have and what you can offer rather than just telling them.

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Take care of your outside space

An outdoor space, especially on the Maltese or Gozitan property market, is a cherished possession, so make it your top priority and show it off. You can consult with Suzie from The Garden Studio Malta for some great ideas on how to maximise your outdoor space, no matter how big or small. Set your home apart from the rest and add value to your property by putting your energy and time into this aspect of your home. So cut that grass and pull out those weeds. Having a well-groomed garden Your garden will either be the last or first thing seen by potential buyers will see so make it count and draw them in!

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