Franchising with QuickLets & Zanzi Homes

Franchising with QuickLets & Zanzi Homes

When considering investing into a new venture, various business models offer diversified benefits. Franchising is one enticing option that brings along an array of opportunities. QuickLets and Zanzi Homes have mastered this offering over the years. In this article we look at why franchising might be the option you were looking for.

Why Franchising?

At times, starting a new business might feel scary and could bring along a number of questions and doubts. Is this the right industry to go into? Which marketing will work best? How long will it take for my new business to get noticed and will customers like it? Franchising with an established brand offers the answers to all these questions. One of the strongest benefits of joining a franchising network is the luxury of benefiting from experience that the franchisor built over the years. The brands they offer, such as the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes ones, have already established themselves in the industry. They know which marketing works best for them, they know what their clients expect from them and most importantly, this is backed up by years of industry intel and data. By choosing this option over venturing into the dark solo, you benefit from starting a million steps ahead with a tried and tested roadmap to success.

Why Real Estate?

Unless Armageddon strikes, history shows that real estate is always a good idea. Being one of the main drivers of the economy, in times of national distress, it is likely one of the industries the Government would protect and stimulate first. We have seen this happen over and over again. The most recent example is fiscal benefit the Government introduced to safeguard property sales in the midst of the pandemic. Through the implementation of a reduction on property tax and stamp duty the real estate market enjoyed one of its best months last July, with a total value of over €330M being registered through new Promise of Sales. Very few industries can claim such a success.

Why QuickLets & Zanzi Homes?

There is strength in numbers and QuickLets and Zanzi Homes built a healthy score card on the matter. Today, the ‘PropTech’ brands have grown into the largest real estate network on the island. With over 30 offices and a team of over 500 property specialists, new investors joining the franchising network can feed upon the knowledge, expertise and motivation of a group of people driven by innovation, a diverse and embracing culture and the inspiration to give back to the community. Not to mention the 37,000-owner base with 82,000+ listings entrusted to the group to sell and rent out. And if this wasn’t enough, QuickLets and Zanzi Homes offer you the 3,000 Virtual Agents constantly sending through fresh leads to increase your chances of making money.

QuickLets and Zanzi Homes are inviting you to become a Franchise Owner today. Offering one of the largest online property databases, a cutting-edge backend system, continuous training by both local and international speakers and an array of team building events to bolster unity, the only thing between you and a better future is a phone call.

For more information about franchising with QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, call Steve on +356 99218666 today.

Fabio Zuccaro, COO
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Fabio Zuccaro, COO