Re-Organise Your Home After Quarantine.

Re-Organise Your Home After Quarantine.

Now that Covid-19 Government regulations are starting to ease and people are gearing up for our typical Maltese Islands glorious summer days, much anticipated family and friend gatherings are on the horizon. Although you might be prepared to host all your favourite people, could it be that your home isn’t quite as ready? 

One thing people didn’t expect the COVID-19 pandemic would affect would be their home organisation. You could possibly have been planning on putting your property on the market before the pandemic hit. But those plans may have taken a backseat. Here are a few tips to help you get your home organisation and interior back on track.

Over the past few months, our homes have turned into a workplace, a place for leisure time and, for many, a part-time bakery.  Though some of us may have dabbled in spring cleaning and decluttering activities to distract from the overwhelming amount of time spent inside, others may have slowly let household standards and organisation levels slip. No judgment here!

That temporary clutter in the spare bedroom and last week’s groceries that were never put away may have turned permanent. And now, they add to the unique qualities of your home. What was once considered messy is now your new normal, and comfy home. For you, this may all be part of your routine at this point, but how would you feel about people from the outside world taking a look inside your home?

If you’re considering putting your home on the market there are a few factors you should be considering. Many property real estate agents in Malta and their property buyer clients will look out for certain qualities, especially at this time of year as the weather gets warmer. Keeping your home tidy and welcoming could be a make or break for many property buyers trying to imagine themselves making your property their next home. 

Maybe due to the overuse over the past few months, soft furnishings have become drab and are in desperate need of a re-vamp  but due to pandemic restrictions, all form of house TLC has been put on hold. Why not go that extra mile to add more value to your property and invest in your future? Preparing your home to be put on the market after isolation may seem like a gruelling task though, simple additions or deductions can catch the eye of real estate property agents in Malta who will be more eager to bring their clients to your property because they recognise the ample potential. If you’ve always been one to take pride in the appearance of your home, it’s time to get back on it and reorganise and redesign.

There’s no need for a big budget in order to create a beautiful and sellable space. Instead, your focus should be placed on carefully selecting items that help create an environment which highlights the various qualities of your home attracting more real estate agents in Malta to your property. Before purchasing an item that should add value to your property on the market, take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book (check out the hit Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo for a dose of inspiration) and ask yourself ‘will this bring a future owner joy?’ 

Seeing as it’s the summer season, many real estate agents lookout for a light-filled, versatile space. Natural light and the integration of plants and flowers will bring a sense of new life into your home. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of a difference, it will help brighten up the room and give it a fresh feeling. 
The main enemy: Clutter. Get rid of stuff you don’t need and if things are in the wrong place - re-organise! The satisfaction and pride that comes with decluttering a packed wardrobe or bathroom cupboard is incomparable. 

Separation is key! Though during Covid there was no real difference between living room or bedroom as they’ve all melted into each other, it’s important to segregate specific aspects of your home. That way you can retreat to your living room if you feel the need. This also helps to segregate the well-needed storage space rather than having boxes in different bedrooms. It also helps to make your property feel bigger and more spacious which is definitely a high priority on any property buyer’s checklist. 

Melanie Vella
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Melanie Vella