Loving your new home workout routine? Why not set up a gym and add value to your property?

Loving your new home workout routine? Why not set up a gym and add value to your property?

Even though we’re moving back to offices, people have found value in working out from home and have been able to see the various benefits that come with it.

It is common for people to join gyms in the first month of the year to hold them accountable to sticking to their new year's resolutions. But by mid-February many would rather throw in the towel than try to fit gym time into their busy lifestyle. Home gyms are a different story; they eliminate that factor and appeal to those who find value in convenience. They’re also great for privacy's sake and are open 24/7.

Invest in your property for sale.

Though real estate agents in Malta may not particularly seek out this feature in a property on the market it is definitely seen as a bonus and even a luxury for some.

When planning on selling your property, focusing on adding value is one of your main goals. It will allow you to gain a higher resale price for your home. Investing in that spare room that is currently not in use and turning it into a home gym or upgrading that gloomy corner in your apartment by kitting it out with some gym equipment may draw in buyers.

Aside from adding another selling point to your property for sale, you are also selling a healthy lifestyle which makes it more attractive to buyers. 

Different homes need different elements.

Start Small!

When starting off your home gym there’s no need to go all out, especially if you're living in a flat. This way when you get bored with a piece of equipment, you can easily go out and buy something else that will re-start your motivation, without hesitation. A couple of resistance bands, a skipping rope and a set of dumbells will easily fit in a shoebox that can be hidden away and take up no space. There are hundreds of combinations from cardio to strength that you can practice with the use of these simple elements.

If you’re looking to find some good resistance bands that won’t break the bank, Decathlon offer a wide variety to choose from. 

If you happen to have a spare bedroom that is currently being neglected what better way to make use of it? You don’t need to make structural arrangements to start off with, opt for a variety of lighter and heavier weight sets. Though with more space you can also have more fun and consider the possibility of adding bigger, more permanent equipment to your collection, like treadmills or rowing machines.

Change it up!

Have fun with it and try new things on your home gym journey. And if you need some encouragement, follow the @kaisafit Instagram page to give you the inspiration you need to get you through your next home workout.  https://www.instagram.com/kaisafit/

If you’re interested in more home workout options here’s one to get your heart pumping. We challenge you!  If you try out this workout, challenge your friends to do the same.

Skipping rope x 30 seconds

Jumping jacks x 20 seconds

Squat jumps x 10 seconds

Rest for 30 seconds

x 5 sets

Plank x 1 minute

Mountain Climbers x 20 seconds

Minimum rest in between

x 8  Sets

Melanie Vella
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Melanie Vella