5 Home Improvement Tips to Help You Sell Your Property

5 Home Improvement Tips to Help You Sell Your Property

Many people’s plans to put their property on the market have been put on hold because of Covid-19. Now may be a great time to increase the value of your property and embark on a new venture. We’re proposing some tips to start off your home improvements to get you to stop bouncing off the walls and instead (paint them?) enjoy a relaxed and positive atmosphere that will help get through these days in isolation.

1. Revamp from the Inside & Out.

Step 1: Declutter!

At the moment, we spend a lot more time in the kitchen. Having a tidy and clean space with easily accessible appliances can help improve your frame of mind whilst getting dinner ready.

Simple is the way. Start one cupboard at a time and don’t get overwhelmed. This is also a great way to check on those ingredients that have crept up to their use-by date.

Step 2: A little paint goes a long way.

Whether your cabinets are wooden or laminate, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and some sand paper to totally revamp your kitchen and gain a great sense of satisfaction. Just be sure to not get too carried away and finish off the rest of your apartment!

And for that extra touch, consider changing up those door handles.

2. Switch up those Curtains.

Say bye bye to your heavy-duty curtains and replace them with modern sheer ones that allow light in and boost your daily dose of feel-good natural light. With summer around the corner, a change from heavy fabrics will help brighten up the place. Use lighter fabrics to add a vibrant, fresh flow to your window.

If you’re not the curtain-type, why not go for some modern blinds that help open up the room?

3. Add a hint of wallpaper or a splash of new colour to your walls.

Don’t go for the paint first! Take the time to pick out some soft furnishings,  like rugs and curtains and get a feel for which colours you’re drawn towards. Your color scheme can have a huge impact on your mood. The right colours like blues or greens will help you feel relaxed and calm, change up your color scheme and bring a new colour into your home.

If colour is not your thing or if you only need one feature wall, why not try decorating with wallpaper? It will add texture and change up a room and add that wow factor. Be careful of large bold prints as they can make the room look small.

If you’re planning on putting your property on the market, don’t go for bold colours or large print for your wallpaper, opt for clean and simple as neutral tones tend to have a broader appeal. If you need some inspiration for your colour combos, Canva (@canva)’s is an Instagram page that inspires us with great colour combinations.

Screenshot of the Canva Instagram feed for home improvement inspiration

4. Decorate with Fruit & Flowers

Have you ever realised the beauty of fruit in bowls? Add some life into your home by placing a few flowers or plants into a jar. And for an extra rustic (and more susty) look, you could use recycled glass jars.

Adding a few indoor plants to your collection can have multiple benefits. Don’t stress about keeping them alive - there are plenty of low-maintenance options to look into!

Growing indoor plants at home is easier than you think - and more important than ever.

5. Let there be Light!

If you’re feeling a little dark and gloomy, natural light is your best friend! Not only is it imperative for a good selfie, but it also helps boost your serotonin levels.

Sunlight exposure contributes directly to how and how much serotonin (our happy hormone) is released in our bodies. It causes our body to release high levels of serotonin and Vitamin D which are both key ingredients in regulating our mood, having a healthy appetite and a proper sleep schedule.

If you’re living in a penthouse, nothing can replace that natural light though maybe you’ll need some help for a flat or an apartment. Try out a balance of bright and softer lightbulbs. This will help to create a fresh mood and atmosphere in every room and not get overwhelmed by those dreary, hospital-look-a-like lights.

Find some candles! Scented candles to be exact. They can totally change the atmosphere of a room just by bringing back nostalgic memories of being at the beach or igniting your sense of smell as well as your overall glow.

Melanie Vella
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Melanie Vella