Fabrics to Add Extra Cosiness to Your Home

Fabrics to Add Extra Cosiness to Your Home

Don’t we all like to feel cosy and snug? You can feel most content when you’re sitting at home relaxing under a warm blanket. Scandinavia is known as being one of the happiest places on the planet. One of the reasons for this is because they retain an entire concept around the idea of being cosy. This is known as "hygge". It doesn’t directly translate into anything, but it means cosiness and wellness. In theory, you can feel hygge outside the home. Even so, we always feel most cosy when we are at home. There is a sense of security when you are in the comfort of your own home. It is always somewhere you can rely on to gain some peace and solitude. It’s not very difficult to add some more comfort to your home. Fabrics add the most cosiness to any place you visit. If you want optimum relaxation, make use of a range of different fabrics and textiles. The soft materials will add an element of comfort and make your place appear more homely. After all, you’re always most snug when you’re all wrapped up and so is your home!. 




Cushions are great because they come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You can add them in the bedroom or living room. It’s up to you how many cushions you wish to use. Some people love to have a handful, whilst others prefer to keep it simple. The best thing about cushions is that you can play with all sorts of different textiles. Cushion covers come in a wide range of materials. You can get super soft covers or ones that are more on the rough side. Layers of cushions will make your sofa or bed look more inviting. Choose more naturally toned designs to add an extra element of cosiness. 




There is nothing better than wrapping myself in a blanket after work. Light up a couple of candles, make yourself some hot chocolate and put on your current TV series. You will feel a true sense of hygge. I’ve said it already and I will carry on saying – you can never have too many blankets! You should have a basket full of blankets. There is no better way to make your home feel cosier. Blankets have a certain allure to them. It is their soft material that adds a level of comfort to any home.  




Throws are certainly not the same things as blanket. Although, they may be confused. Throws are usually larger and they are not used to cover ourselves up. Instead, they serve as a more aesthetic purpose. They’re essentially used to layer fabrics. Layering adds an element of cosiness. You can choose fleece or cotton throws, depending on your preference. They look great thrown over your sofa and add extra comfort. You can also layer one over your duvet for some extra warmth at night. 




Malta has a warm climate, so you don’t often find a house with carpets. You need tiles to help keep the rooms cool during those hot summer days. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add any sort of floor covering to your room. Rugs come in numerous different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your room. They look great spread on the floor by the sofa. You can find many modern ones nowadays. Rugs used to have a reputation as looking quite ancient. You’d probably find them in your grandmother’s house. They’re now a lot more stylish. Pick a plain, neutral based rug so that it’s not too distracting. I would also go for the softest option for that extra snuggly feeling. 


Cushioned Stool


A cushioned stool will make your room appear aesthetically pleasing more than anything else. A simple stool can add wonders to your living room or bedroom. Just imagine it intricately placed in the corner. Instantly make your room appear more elegant with a velvet stool. Pick a pop of colour to add some glamour. It will most likely not even be used to sit on but placed simply for aesthetic purposes. Yet, fabrics make a room look cosier due to their soft appearance. They add a sense of warmth. Just be sure not to pile it up with your clothes! 




Of course, everyone has bedding. But, the bedding you choose can either contribute to that sense of cosiness or not. If your bedding is kaleidoscopic, it’s probably not going to add much cosiness. It’s up to you whether you want something that stands out more. If you want your bedroom to be a slumber wonderland, stick to neutral and natural colours. Keep the bedding plain or simple. A lovely walnut inspired colour with an added throw will make anyone sleep peacefully at night. Choose plain flannelette sheets for some extra warmth. Being selective with your colours will help add extra cosiness to your home.


Curtained Cove 


This idea will take a little effort, but it will add so much enchantment to your home. Just imagine a dreamy seating area by the window with curtains draping blissfully down. You really couldn’t envision a more perfect cosy area. If you have some empty space by a windowsill, consider turning it into a mini cove. Purchase some soft, neutral toned curtains which fall straight to the ground. Build a sofa that will fit perfectly in. Don’t forget to add lots of blankets and cushions. If you’re feeling more adventurous, place fairy lights around the cove. Now, sit back and enjoy reading a good book.  




Although this has nothing to do with interior design, we’re not going to feel cosy at home without some warm slippers! These are a must, especially in Malta, to keep your feet warm from the cold tiles. Treat yourself to a brand-new pair! You can choose the craziest slippers out there as they’re not going to leave the house. I would always go for the fluffiest pair available. 


There’s no place like home. Fabrics help to add that extra bit of cosiness to your home. Embrace comfort by wrapping yourself and your home in fabric. It’s all about those soft materials. You’ll be surprised at how much cosiness a couple extra blankets and cushions can do. Just be sure to stick to neutral colours too! Cosiness is an understated, warm feeling. It’s about feeling calm in your surroundings. Too much colour can help to distract that sense of comfort. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textiles and textures. 


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