New Year’s Resolutions to Nourish a Better Home in 2020

New Year’s Resolutions to Nourish a Better Home in 2020

It’s time to welcome a New Year. That means it’s also time for all of us to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions. Now, we all know most people don’t stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. That’s usually because people usually set very ambitious goals for themselves which are hard to keep. However, there is also nothing wrong with setting a few small targets. There are plenty of chores to get done around the house. Why not take this as an opportunity to set some New Year’s Resolutions for your home? This is the time to finally sort out that small maintenance job that’s been in the back of your mind for months. Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions to help improve your home. 


Go Through the Kitchen Cupboards


We all have some old and expired jars stocked in the far back of the pantry. They’ve probably been tucked away for years. There’s no point keeping unnecessary items. They’re only taking up space. Give yourself an hour or two to go over your kitchen cupboards one afternoon. This is an easy job but, sometimes it just takes a little effort to get around to it. Setting it is a New Year’s resolution will help you get it done in no time. Save the extra space for some new ingredients. One of your other resolutions for the year could be to try out some new recipes. This would be a great way to start.


Put Your Clothes Away as Soon as You Get Changed 


This is one we’ve all fallen trapped into. We come back home after a long day at work and chuck our clothes on the floor. Some of us may even have a designated ‘clothes spot’ that’s accumulated over time. Start getting into the practice of putting your clothes away straight after you get changed. Follow Marie Kondo’s tips on Netflix for some folding tricks. Once you get into the routine of it, you’ll never think of leaving your clothes on the floor again. 


Make a List of Maintenance That Needs to Be Done Throughout the Year 


There’s always some maintenance we need to do around the house which we keep forgetting about. From changing the air conditioner filter to cleaning the windows. You probably already have a list prepared mentally set in your mind. Why don’t you jot them down on a piece of paper and stick it up on the fridge? You can build a plan of when is the most ideal time to get some maintenance sorted. All your maintenance doesn’t need to be done straight away either. You’re more likely to stick to something if it’s written down on paper.


Improve Your Recycling Game 


2019 was a year we all started to change our sustainability patterns. Let’s not give up on that this year. Malta is finally getting better at recycling and we should do the best we can to adhere to it. Be sure to recycle when you can. Set up a designated recycling area in the kitchen. This shouldn’t just stick to the home either. We’re usually lazier to recycle when we’re outside or at work. It’s always easier to find a normal bin. If your workplace doesn’t offer recycling facilities, why don’t you take your waste back home with you to recycle? 


Get Yourself Organised 


It’s a fresh new year so it’s time for a clean-up. Organising your home will help to keep it tidier. Utilising compartments is a great way to keep your home tidy. Take advantage of the January sales by buying some boxes. You should take a few hours one weekend to go through your drawers. Sorting your things will not only make your space look cleaner, but it’ll also be much easier to find stuff. Check out my organisation tips in previous blog posts for some more inspiration. 


Donate Unwanted Items 


Whilst you’re cleaning the house, you’re bound to go through some items you no longer want anymore. There’s no point in them wasting away in the back of a wardrobe somewhere. There are plenty of charities where you can donate the clothes you no longer wear. This includes Paws 4 A Cause which supports Malta’s oldest animal charity, the MSPCA. Their shops are located in Floriana and Sliema, with a warehouse in Naxxar. The YMCA in Valletta also takes in donations to help homeless people on the island. Your unused clothes will be much appreciated somewhere else.


Set Up a Laundry Routine 


Everyone hates doing the laundry. It’s always such a hassle and takes hours to get done. Scheduling a specific time for the laundry will help set up a routine. Set one day a week and stick to it! Make sure to get everyone in the house involved. It’s more fun doing chores together. If you want to make it more bearable, I always suggest blasting some Disney music. Sometimes, you just need a little extra motivation whilst doing the laundry. 


Budget Your Finances


We can all lose track of our finances from time to time. This is especially the case at home as we all have bills to pay. One way we can drastically save money is by setting up a weekly food budget. This will be easier if you plan your meals every week. You’ll know what to buy every time you go shopping. Keeping an eye on your utilities will also help. This can be as simple as reducing the time spent in the shower. Save that little extra to makeover your bedroom!


Cut Down Your Use of Energy 


Try to become aware of how much energy you’re using around the house. We’re so used to going about our day to day business that we don’t take a second to recall our habits. You can’t cut down on energy usage without being aware of where it’s being wasted. Once you build up a conscious effort, it’ll be much easier to cut down on your energy usage. There are many simple steps you can take. This can be as easy as ensuring you switch the lights off every time you leave a room. 


Give One of Your Rooms a Makeover 


You’ve probably been thinking about sprucing up one of your rooms for a really long time. Maybe, you want a completely different theme for your bedroom. Or, you may even have thought about remodelling your kitchen. We’re all prone to getting the January blues. Add some excitement by starting to plan your redecoration ideas. Scroll through Pinterest and flip through the pages of a catalogue. It’s the start of a new decade and it’s now time to treat yourself.


New Year, New You, New Home! You may have thoughts of moving home this year. If you’re interested in buying a new property then please get in touch with one of our sales specialists at Zanzi Homes. Moving homes can be a very exciting time. We’ll be here to guide you through the whole process. 

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