Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style on the Maltese Islands

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style on the Maltese Islands

It’s time to welcome a new decade. 2020 is finally upon us. Malta is known as a party island destination. There is sure a lot to do on New Year’s Eve. Whether you want to party the night away or have a relaxed dinner, there is something for everyone. The island will be full of buzz wherever you are. Malta is well-known for all its fireworks displays, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. The most popular events in Malta on New Year’s Eve are its street parties. Flocks of people gather on the streets to await the chimes of midnight. These events have only been established in the last few years. Usually, New Year’s Eve is a more casual affair spent with family. However, these traditions have started to change lately. Now, there are an array of events to choose from. It’s time to welcome the New Year with a bang. 


Enjoy the Fireworks at Valletta Waterfront


Valletta Waterfront is hosting a New Year’s Eve Bash this year. This is the perfect event if you have children. Various children’s activities are planned throughout the evening to avoid your little ones from getting tired. There will be a number of live bands at the Waterfront to keep you entertained all night. Not to mention, the wealth of bars and restaurants situated there that are ready to feed you. Don’t forget to reserve a table as restaurants are likely to be fully booked when you arrive. A fireworks display will come to light at the stroke of midnight. Once the New Year has been welcomed in, a DJ will take over the night with all your favourite hits to dance along to. 


Attend the Festivities at St George’s Square in Valletta


Enjoy a live concert for free as you welcome in the new decade. This year, the Maltese band The Travellers are set to headline the show. This event is great if you’re looking for a party but don’t want to be somewhere too crazy. Enjoy the fantastic light displays and a spectacular fireworks show in the heart of Malta’s capital city. The city is sure to be bustling as the main attraction of the night. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas to enjoy the night to its full potential. Last year’s show had gone down as a hit, so it’s sure to please this year too. 


Join the Street Party in Floriana 


St. Anne’s Street has been a popular destination on New Year’s Eve ever since this tradition began in 2010. The street is completely closed up for the night as the town is brought to a standstill. Soak up the festive atmosphere and enjoy a pint of the local beer. You’re sure to have a blast as you enjoy the parade and party revellers. You’ll be immersed into the festivities all night as you enjoy performances by dancers and up-beat music. It’s easy to join the concert at the capital afterwards. Both events are within walking distance of each other. 


Book a Table at A Local Bar 


If you still want to have a little bit of a boogie but want more of a chilled atmosphere, reserving a table at a bar is the way to go. There are plenty of bars around Sliema that are hosting their own events on New Year’s Eve. Many of them will have their own live DJs. Some are even hosting their own themed nights if you’re after something a little different. Many of the local bars have posters up already if they’re doing something special for New Year’s Eve. Facebook is also a great way to search for events around your local area. 


Party the Night Away in Paceville 


This is the place to be if you’re wanting to celebrate New Year’s Eve the classic way. There will be heaps of people waiting to welcome the New Year at Paceville. St. Julian’s is a good place to go because there will be plenty of clubs and bars to choose from. They’ll be something for everyone in your group. You’re certain to bump into plenty of people you know. You’re bound to enjoy dancing away with your friends at Malta’s most popular clubbing destination. The atmosphere at Paceville on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to be one you’ll remember (maybe!). Some clubs may require tickets so be sure to check in advance. 


Attend a Luxurious Dinner If You Want to Escape the Rush 


Malta is a diner’s haven. As a popular tourist destination, the island is filled with restaurants. On top of that, the local people love dining out. The combination of the two make up an oasis of culinary experiences. Be sure to reserve a table at your favourite restaurant well in advance. The majority of the grand hotels across the island will be hosting their own gala dinner. Enjoy a splendid night as you dress up in your fanciest attire. Dinner will be prepared by the finest chefs on the island. If you’re into the finer things in life, these gala dinners are not to be missed. You’re sure to have a wonderful and luxurious evening. 


Malta always tends to surprise me at how much it has to offer for such a small island. Once known as only a Summer destination, Malta has really come far in providing entertainment all year round. Once upon a time, New Year’s Eve was spent at home with the family. Now, there are a tremendous amount of options no matter your age range. You’re sure to find something you love on New Year’s Eve this year. It’s time to welcome the new decade upon us! Malta is the ideal destination if you’re looking for a change in lifestyle as your New Year’s resolution. If you’re planning on moving to Malta in 2020, our sales specialists at Zanzi Homes will make the transition pleasant for you. We wish you all a Happy New Year at Zanzi Homes. 


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