Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Classic Christmas Movies

Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Classic Christmas Movies

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by watching a joyful Christmas movie. They’re the perfect way to unwind during your break. Put your Christmas lights on and grab a mug of hot chocolate. Blankets are also necessary! Bring all the family together as Christmas is a time to be with our loved ones. Christmas movies are not only fun, but they also provide great interior design inspiration. Most of the time, people do not take much notice of the production set. Take a closer look next time around. Careful consideration is taken to provide a gorgeous aesthetic. Keep your eyes out for some inspiration. Christmas tends to be the time most associated with home. Many of the movies have their main set based in a family home. Their interior design is so quintessentially Christmassy. Here are some of the best Christmas movies with beautiful Christmas decorations. You’re sure to get plenty of ideas.

Home Alone

This is usually everyone’s Christmas favourite. There never goes a year without putting Home Alone on the television. As you can tell with the title, the whole movie is based at home. The McCallister family home is full of Christmas decorations. Everything in this house embodies the spirit of Christmas. The colour scheme is kept traditional with iconic reds and greens. There is a classic fireplace decorate with wreaths. Fireplaces are a great way to attain that Christmas aesthetic. Fireplaces are not all that common in Malta due to the Mediterranean temperatures. However, you can still buy gas and electric fireplaces. This would also add some warmth to the house during the chill we get indoors during Winter. Decorate your fireplace, or even your windowsill, McCallister style this Christmas. You couldn’t get more of a homey feel from a movie. You may also learn a thing or two about booby traps.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Who doesn’t want some inspiration from the wonderful Dr. Seuss? The Grinch remains a childhood favourite, for both young and old. You may get some great ideas on how to decorate your children’s rooms during Christmastime. After all, the Christmas fun should spread all across the house. It shouldn’t just stick to the living room or kitchen. You may not want to get inspiration from the Grinch’s own home, but that of Cindy-Lou Who’s instead. This will give you a more modern feel with curvy, retro furniture and contrasting colours throughout. Add an abundance of colourful Christmas lights around. Your heart is sure to grow three sizes bigger with all the Christmas joy at home.

The Holiday

The Holiday is a great movie for interior design inspiration. The whole premise of the movie involves a house swap. Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods have their lives turned upside down due to break-ups. Iris swaps her cosy cottage in a village by London for a glamorous mansion in California, and vice versa. Both of these two ladies are in need of a dramatic change in their lives over the Holiday season. Careful attention has been paid to both houses in the movie. The cottage embodies classic British vibes. It’s rustic and exactly what you need for an escape. Complete cosiness to hide away from the world. Of course, the cottage is also complete with a fireplace. The mansion represents the complete opposite. Stylish, modern and bright. The colours are neutral as the house adopts a more minimalistic vibe. This movie is great to watch if you’re after some ideas because the sets are so different from each other. Besides, who doesn’t love that cute little cottage in The Holiday? It’s the embodiment of the ideal Christmas home.

The Polar Express

Most of this movie takes place on a train, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some interior design inspiration. After all, this movie is so busy with amazing animated scenes. From the shop windows to the lost toys’ carriage and all the way to the elf village. This movie is so magical that it’s sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. The movie may inspire you to place some jingle bells around the house. It will take you to a wonderful place. You’ll want to decorate your entire house all over again as soon as the move has finished. It’ll certainly persuade your children to come and help you around the house. They’ll want everything in shipshape condition for Santa’s arrival.

Deck the Halls

This is a movie all about Christmas decorations. It can’t be missed if you want some Christmas decoration ideas. Steve Finch is known as the man of Christmas in his town. This soon gets threatened when Buddy Hall moves in. A huge competition arises between the two fathers. Who can design the better-decorated house for Christmas? Packed with laughter the whole family will enjoy. Some may say they both take it to the extreme. Both houses turn up like Christmas theme park at the end. Perhaps, it’s only best to take one or two ideas from this one.

Christmas is always great to get the creative side out of you. It’s a time to revamp your home from the usual style you’ve been accustomed to for months. You will never feel more at home than during Christmastime. Whilst you take inspiration from these movies, put your Christmas tree lights on, turn on the fire and snuggle up under a festive blanket. It can be quite slow to sell your property this time of year. Most people are looking to move after the festive period is over. However, ensuring a festive vibe will attract your viewers. It will make your property feel more like home. This will give your viewers an idea if they can spend Christmas there next year. Giving them that Christmas touch will help make up their minds. If you’re looking to sell your property, be sure to get in contact with one of our sales specialists at Zanzi Homes. We’re here to make the process easier during this festive season. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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