Where to Find Interior Design Inspiration

Where to Find Interior Design Inspiration

Sometimes, we all get stuck for ideas when it comes to inspiration. You may have just moved and are trying to decorate, or you may just want to revamp your home. Redecoration can be daunting. It can leave you overwhelmed, especially if you have such a large space to consider. However, all you need is a little inspiration. Are you stuck for interior design ideas right now? Fear not, there is plenty of inspiration out there. It’s all around you if you open your eyes. Here are a few of our favourite ways to seek out interior design ideas. 




This is probably the best social media site for interior design ideas. It works as an online mood board. You can split your mood boards into different categories. For instance, you can have one for the kitchen and the other for the bedroom. Or, you can split them into themes – Scandinavian or Japanese style! Pinterest allows you to search for something specific, but Pinterest will also recommend other images and ideas. With a wealth of interior design pictures to inspire you, there are plenty of interior mood boards for you to follow. Pinterest is available on desktop and app, so you can continue to be inspired on the go. 




Instagram is an easy source of inspiration. Just grab your phone and go. You’ll be able to search for specific interior design hashtags (#ScandinavianStyle being particularly popular). You can spend hours endlessly scrolling through your phone. Instagram now has the option to save your favourite photos. You can go back to them anytime. Instagram will also be a great way to show off your own interior design. All your followers will be able to see your gorgeous, redecorated bedroom! There are plenty of interior design blogs to follow too. I recommend @thespruceofficial and @biggerthanthethreeofus amongst others. 




Now, you may think this is just a fashion magazine, but Vogue magazine offers loads of imaginative ideas. Vogue particularly offers some beautiful photoshoots. They are set in a way that is very innovative and creative. One particular column explores the homes of industry professionals and what inspired them to decorate their home that way. With absolutely stunning photos, you can look for inspiration through others.


Good Housekeeping 


This magazine is specifically tailored towards interior design. It not only offers redecoration ideas but also provides loads of handy tips and tricks. These include anything from useful organisation advice to efficient laundry solutions! Check out their website as they post articles almost every day. There’s also a newsletter you can sign up to. It will inspire you to keep your home in tip-top condition. You won’t be disappointed. 


Blogs and Vlogs 


You can gain a lot of inspiration from blogs, such as this one! Blogs are a good way to get interior design ideas as they are often more detailed. Bloggers also take much pride in ensuring the best quality content. Two amazing interior design blogs are oldbrandnew.com and allsortsof.com for informative posts and outstanding photographs. YouTube vloggers are also a great source of inspiration as they are more fun and interactive. There are plenty of vloggers out there that publish home tours. You may find something you absolutely love. 


Movies and TV Shows


You may not think so, but movies and TV shows will also give you plenty of ideas. There’s a reason why that iconic Friends frame became so famous! Keep an eye out and you may find something you want to replicate in your own home. There are loads of interior design shows on Netflix too. Tiny House Nation instantly became popular. Queer Eye, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, has its own interior designer who is part of the Fab Five and the home transformations are always stunning! Bobby Berk can turn even the smallest space into something wonderful. 




Instead of sitting at home and waiting for inspiration to come to you, why don’t you seek out that inspiration yourself? Showrooms are a great way to really get a feel of what you want. It’s all out there for you to physically see and feel. IKEA is famous for its showrooms for a reason. Why not take a trip to Sicily for the chance to visit IKEA? The best part is, if you really fall in love with something, then you can buy it there and then and have it shipped. If you find something you love on social media, there is a chance that you won’t be able to find that exact piece to buy. Visiting stores guarantees you won’t be left disappointed. Unless you’re unlucky and the furniture you wanted is sold out. But then, you can always order online!


Out and About 


This may sound cliché but travelling can really inspire you. There are so many remarkable cultures to experience. There are some countries that are particularly known for their interior design, such as Japanese minimalism. Travelling will also give you the opportunity to bring something special back to decorate your home with. However, you don’t have to go abroad to get inspiration. Simply going out locally will also give you some ideas. Why not take some design inspiration from a local restaurant or cafe? Keep an eye out next time you’re out. You may just be inspired while dining at your favourite restaurant. 


Visiting Friends and Family 


Don’t underestimate the power of friendship. Or, in this case, don’t underestimate your family and friends’ interior design ideas. You may have a very creative friend. If you are being invited over to a friend’s house, they are most likely very prideful of their home. Take note of the design of their house next time. You may find something you love. Don’t forget to pass them a compliment! Why not also ask your friends what has inspired them? 


Redecorating your home is a very exciting time. It’s a time to start afresh. You’re totally in control, you can decorate however you like and there are plenty of ways to get a little inspiration though. Even if you’re looking to sell your property, it’s really important that it’s well-presented to attract viewers. If you’re looking to buy or sell property on the island of Malta then please get in touch with one of Sales Specialists at Zanzi Homes. As always, we’re more than happy to help. We’re here to make your life easier so you can focus more on creating the perfect home. 


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