Organisation Tips for your Property

Organisation Tips for your Property

Clutter in your home can be the most infuriating thing. It’s never a good idea to leave your home in a state where you can’t seem to find anything you need. It can lead you to being late for work or for an event you’ve been looking forward to. They say Spring is the best time for a big clean-up, but your home should remain organised throughout the entire year. Sometimes, moving home can be the perfect push to organise your new property. Now is the time to start afresh and leave your old home’s mess in the past. There’s no excuse! You’ll feel so much better for it. Here are ten easy tips for a tidier place.


Split your drawers into different compartments


Drawers can be too large to store just one particular type of item. Putting too many different categories into one drawer can make it look very untidy. It’s best to buy some small trays and baskets to split your drawers. For example, you can use two separate trays to split your underwear and socks. Sorting everything into colour coordination will make it more aesthetically please too.


Rolling your clothes for more space


Here’s a tip which will utilise your drawer space. The military are told to roll their clothes, instead of folding them, to fit more into their rucksacks. Rolling your clothes will enhance the space in your drawer as clothes remain compressed. This is also useful because you can see all your clothes, instead of having to take all your folded clothes apart. This will save you time as it’s quicker to roll rather than fold. You can also carry this tip forward whilst packing for your next holiday!


Buy a hooked rack for your bathroom


The bathroom can be the untidiest room in the house due to all the toiletries. Instead of having everything lay at the bottom of your shower, buy yourself a hooked rack. You can easily attach this to your shower head. This will save you from having to kneel down every time you need to pick up your shower gel too.


Invest in some racks for every room in the house


Racks are not just useful for the bathroom. They are the best way to optimise storage space all over. There are also different varieties you can buy to meet your tastes. They are versatile because you can place them wherever you wish. From the back of a door to the side of a wardrobe. Why don’t you try something creative and place one right next to your kitchen cabinet? You can add anything from spices, jars or even vegetables for a bit of colour. Everything will be within easy reach! Adding some storage boxes to your rack will add increased organisation.


Use clear jars to store food


I don’t know about you, but I hate packaging. And, that’s not just because it’s bad for the environment. I just think food packaging can look too messy because they’re trying to sell a product. Everything is in your face. I much prefer keeping my food in clear storage jars. It makes the kitchen look a lot tidier. This will also keep your food fresh for longer. You no longer need to battle through ensuring the plastic is sealed properly. Buy lots of jars and you’ll thank me later.


Add a small shelf above the kitchen sink and hob


You probably need the most storage space in the kitchen because it tends to hold the largest variety of items. Adding a small shelf above the kitchen sink and hob will utilise the space around you. You can keep your cleaning essentials above the kitchen sink, as well as neatly folded towels. You can add your cooking essentials above the hob. Adding some hooks at the bottom of your shelf will also optimise storage space. You can use these to hook on your kitchen utensils. They’ll be within easy reach whilst you’re cooking.


Keep a storage box or table near the front door


Having a storage box near the front door will not only make your home more organised. It will also ensure you don’t forget anything behind. Sometimes we get into the habit of leaving all our essentials scattered around once we arrive home. Having a designated storage space will keep your home free from clutter. This will be the perfect place to leave your umbrella which you always seem to forget behind.


Buy a cosmetic organiser


This is one for all the make-up lovers out there! Makeup bags are great when travelling, but not when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Having everything spread in one bag will only make you later to the party. Instead, invest in one of those cosmetic organisers all the YouTubers seem to be raving about. Or why not get creative? I keep all my make-up brushes in pencil cup holders. I also keep my lipsticks in a cute gift box I was once given. There is so much choice out there.


Store your winter essentials at the back of your wardrobe door


Hooks seems to be a recurring theme throughout this post. But, they take complete advantage of organisation. The back of the wardrobe door seems to always be disregarded. In fact, this can offer the most useful organisation space. Add a few hooks or buy a slim rack to place inside your wardrobe. You can put your scarves, hats and gloves in this space. This is much better than leaving them bundled up at the bottom of a drawer. Or even worse, scattered around the room.


Small storage boxes for your little items


You can be extra creative with this because there are some many small storage boxes out there for you to buy. You can ensure you’ll find something that will fit the theme for your room. Sometimes, it’s the little things that take up the most space. It’s best to keep them organised so you don’t end up losing anything. This is especially the case with hair bands! Those curious things seem to always find a way to get lost, no matter how many you have. Make sure you separate everything individually. You don’t just want to transfer your mess to become an even bigger mess. You can even dedicate a specific drawer for all your little items, whilst keeping them all separated.


Following these tips will ensure a clean and tidy home. However, there’s no stopping there. Organising your home can be very daunting. If you still feel stuck, there’s loads of information online to help guide you. There’s even a Netflix show dedicated to it! ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ will give you a wealth of advice. If you’re looking to sell your property, then keeping everything tidy is very important. You don’t want to discourage your viewers with a cluttered property. Are you wishing to sell your property right now? Speak to one of our agents at Zanzi Homes for advice. They’ll be there to help from start to finish.

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