How To Spruce Up Your Home For Autumn

How To Spruce Up Your Home For Autumn

It takes a little while for autumn to finally say hello in Malta. With 300 sunny days a year, it almost feels like it will never arrive. Summer in Malta is usually very busy so it’s usually a delight once everything calms down in the cooler months. The temperatures in Malta usually remain around 20 to 25 Celsius degrees. So, it’s still pretty warm. But, if you’re like me, and I love that Autumn feeling then it’s time to redecorate your home. Besides, the days still get shorter and the nights still get cooler in Malta, just like anywhere else. Plus, it likes to pour down with rain here occasionally, so you’re forced to stay indoors anyway. Autumn is the perfect time to get super cosy and make the most of your home. I hope these tips give you some inspiration to add some Autumn magic to your home.


Maltese buildings do not offer central heating because it is usually hot most of the year. This can leave your home feeling quite chilly once the weather changes. Blankets are not only the perfect way to keep you warm, but they also look really nice. You should buy some decorated and plain blankets to mix it up a bit. Make sure they fit in with your interior colour palette. You can spend your Autumn evenings watching your favourite movie, whilst snuggled up in a blanket. Why not pair up your new blankets with a wooden cane basket? This will add something special to the interior of your home. There are loads of places you can buy blankets in Malta, including Homemate and The Atrium.


There is nothing that screams Autumn than an abundance of candles. As the days get shorter, you’re going to need some dim candlelight to warm your surroundings. There are a variety of different candles out there. I like to mix it up a bit and add a diverse mix around the home. There are also loads of different candle holders you can buy. I like to keep it neutral to emphasise the light coming through the flame. But, if you prefer, a range of decorative candle holders are available. These range from lanterns to dishes. Dried petal arrangements will also add a touch of luxury. Always be careful with fire and check with your landlord before buying candles.


Usually it is known that the leaves start to fall during this time of year. Malta has a different climate, so this is the time that plants start to flourish. However, the cooler nights and shorter days still add to the darkness that Autumn is known for. This is why adding more plants to your home is the perfect way to brighten up the place. If you’re lucky enough live in an older building, illuminating the iconic golden hue, then plants are an exceptional match. The contrasting colours will make your place feel homier. Be sure to research about your plant after you’ve taken it home. Some can be quite temperamental and will require extra care.

Neutral coloured furnishings

Now that Summer’s over it’s time to get rid of those lavish colourful decorations. I’m not going to lie, I hate updating my wardrobe when the seasons change. I love my floral dresses. However, this completely changes when it comes to my interior. I want to make sure I feel completely cosy, especially during Autumn. It’s time to update your home furnishings. This means a neutral colour palette. Orange, brown, yellow, grey – anything that adds warmth to your home. This is the perfect time to spoil your home and go shopping. Buy some new pillow covers, throws, decorations, anything!

New Mugs

Autumn is the perfect time for hot chocolate. You’re never too old! Or a good cuppa if you haven’t got a sweet tooth. If you’re unlucky and managed to get drenched in rain on your way home from work, then you need a warm drink. You may think you have enough mugs, but in reality, you can never have enough. There is nothing like the feeling of snuggling in a blanket whilst reading a book, with your favourite brew in hand. I would definitely go all out with your mugs. Whilst everywhere else in your home remains neutral, a fun mug will brighten up the place. There are so many to choose from that you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Update your library

The Malta Book Festival takes place every year in November. This year it falls on the 6-10 November. I love reading throughout the year, but I seem to read more in the cooler months. It’s colder outside and I don’t feel like going out as much. Reading a book in my cosy home seems like the best thing to do. If you’re really daring, why don’t you do some DIY and design your own book cove. Go shopping and find the most comfortable chair. Buy some throws and pillows. Surround the area with fairy lights. You’ll be in your little and cosy book heaven. Be sure to check out the Malta Book Festival to find your next great read. There will be loads there for you to choose from. More information can be found here:


Everyone knows Autumn means Halloween! Why don’t you add some spooky vibes to your home? You may even be planning a Halloween party for your friends. Now’s the time to go crazy with pumpkins, skulls and ghost decorations. You can even get creative and make your own decorations. There are loads of videos on YouTube to guide you. This is the perfect excuse to eat some more sweets too! If you prefer something a bit more subtle, why don’t you just buy a Halloween themed candle holder? That way, you can combine two Autumn vibes together.

Malta has a wonderful climate during Autumn. You have the best of both worlds. You can still enjoy being outdoors on the sunny days. You can also still enjoy cosy evenings when it pours down with rain. If you’re looking to sell your place, adding a touch of cosiness will enhance viewings. If you’re looking for a property to buy in Malta, be sure to contact Zanzi Homes. They will help find your ideal property on the island. Soon enough, you’ll be able to decorate your new home with Autumn vibes.

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