Interior Design Trends to Give You Inspiration This Autumn

Interior Design Trends to Give You Inspiration This Autumn

Although it doesn’t feel like it, autumn will soon be upon us. Already, clothes shops are starting to swap their Spring/Summer collections for Autumn/Winter. It might feel weird to be shopping for jumpers and jeans when it’s still 30 degrees Celsius outside, but we did have some rainfall this week. Looking at the weather forecast, it seems like we’re in for more rain and perhaps even some thunder and lightning over the weekend. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that the temperature is going to suddenly drop overnight or that tomorrow we’ll find ourselves in need of a warm jacket. Doubtlessly, we still have a good number of beach days ahead of us before the summer’s out. However, perhaps the rain and clouds are a sign that the weather might be beginning to change. Rather than going shopping for clothes that you can’t yet wear, why not get ready for autumn by making some small changes at home? Then, when autumn does hit, your home will already be feeling cosy and warm. 

So, what are some of the interior design trends for autumn 2019? Here are some ideas on how to get your home looking cosy, warm and stylish this autumn:

‘Jewelled’ Tones

These are bright, bold colours that are purportedly evocative of precious and semi-precious stones. The term ‘jewelled tones’ has been floating around since last year. Who comes up with these new names? First, we had ‘boho chic’, then we had ‘Nordic minimalism’, and now we’re repping the rubies. In any case, ‘jewelled tones’ are now becoming a popular interior design trend, and they’re especially in this autumn. These colours are exactly what you’re imagining – bright hues of emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, sapphire blue and, to throw in a curveball, mustard yellow. You can incorporate jewelled tones into your home this autumn in a number of different ways. As the weather starts to get colder, you could get some new cushions or a blanket. Or you could transform one of your rooms by painting a statement wall. Or, if you’ve got a bigger budget, how about a statement piece of furniture or a new piece of artwork? Add the colours in twos or threes to really make them stand out. 

Curved Sofas

As the autumn weather takes over, we’ll probably be spending a lot more time indoors. Long gone will be the days spent swimming in the Mediterranean! Autumn and winter are the seasons for staying in, getting cosy and binge-watching some great, new TV shows. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for you to get yourself a new sofa. Even one day is too long to be sitting on an uncomfortable sofa. So, if you’re not already relaxing on something comfy, what are you waiting for? This year, curved sofas are a big thing. They certainly look more inviting than a traditional couch or corner sofa, and they’re also more sociable. Forget jumper shopping, go sofa shopping instead! 


A lot of interior design magazines and blogs are talking about how fashionable it is to be incorporating nature into your home at the moment. This might be a trend that’s borne out of a growing concern for the earth and for the environment, but perhaps not. Either way, what’s clear is that industrial styles are on their way out and natural interiors are in. This includes furniture and accessories made from natural materials, such as wood and wicker. Wooden light fixtures and lamps are popular at this moment in time. In addition to introducing more natural materials into your home, you can also stay on trend by getting some real plants. You don’t have to have a green thumb to take care of all indoor plants. Of course, some plants are trickier to keep alive than others. But there are many failsafe indoor plants you can get, to liven up your interior, which won’t be too hard to look after. Aloe Vera, spider plants, peace lilies and palms are all easy choices. 


On a similar theme to nature and natural materials, floral patterns are also going to be a key trend in interior design this autumn. You don’t have to go out and buy fresh flowers every week to incorporate florals into your home. In the bedroom, you could introduce florals with a new set of bedsheets. It won’t be too long before you’re switching back to a duvet. So, how about getting a new floral duvet cover and pillowcases? That way, you can sleep in style this autumn! Outside of the bedroom, you could get some stick-on floral wallpaper to brighten up a wall. This stuff is really great! It won’t damage the paint underneath and you can take it down whenever you want. We’re sure that florals aren’t going to be in forever. By choosing stick-on wallpaper, you’re giving yourself the easiest option to remove it once it’s no longer in style. 

Think Pink

Alongside jewelled tones, pink is also a trendy choice for your home this autumn. Of course, there are many different shades of pink, and it’s dusty pink that’s in. Not ‘bubble-gum’ pink or Barbie pink. This autumn pink is more of a ‘muted’ and warm colour, and it would look good in any home! For subtle additions of pink, you could get a couple of new tea towels, candle holders, a vase or a cushion or two. These understated ways to add pink will be especially useful for those of you who have partners that will cower at the mere mention of the word! On the other hand, if you want to make a bigger statement (or if you just really love pink), you could repaint a room, get some new curtains, purchase a pink rug or even buy a set of pink bedsheets in a floral print. Get into the autumn 2019 vibe and think pink!

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Victoria Woods