How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Malta is warming up as spring approaches. It’s time to put winter behind us and embrace the spring in all its glory!  We’ve already been through some of the top tips to give your home a spring clean. So, now that your home is spick and span, why not give it a whole new feel to celebrate the new season? Spring brings with it more hours of daylight and better weather. The landscape will start to look more colourful with plants blooming everywhere. There’s altogether more obvious life and energy around in spring than there is in winter. Mirror the season in your home by inviting in more light and lots of colour. Rid your home of winter’s doom and gloom and rejoice in the joys of spring. Switching up the décor in your apartment is the perfect way to get into the spring vibe. We’ve put together some decoration ideas for spring. Follow these suggestions or let them inspire your own unique, spring-style home makeover.

Do away with winter:

The first step is to do away with winter. By this, we mean get rid of all of your winter furnishings. No, don’t throw them away! Either put them into storage for next year, sell them or give them away to charity. Winter furnishings include dark rugs, heavy curtains and thick blankets. Take all of these up and put them away. In the winter, it’s nice to bring all of these soft furnishings out to make your home feel as cosy as possible. Now that spring is here, they’ll feel overbearing and unnecessary. Create more space and more light by saying goodbye to winter. Don’t just confine this purge to your living room, include your bathroom and bedroom as well. Switch out your dark bath mats and wintery sheets for something lighter and more spring-like. 

Fill your home with flowers:

So much comes into bloom in the spring. The arrival of this season can completely transform the landscape. In the UK, daffodils are the emblem of spring and they can be seen everywhere at this time of year. In Malta, it’s the crown daisy. Both of these flowers are bright yellow, just like the spring sun. These might be the most characteristic spring flowers, but they are by no means the only ones. Countless plants flower at this time of year. That’s why florals make a wonderful spring addition to any home. 

You can incorporate flowers into your spring décor by, literally, bringing them into your home. Fill your favourite vase with fresh flowers. If you don’t have a vase, you could use glass bottles and jars as replacements. There are numerous vans that sell fresh flowers at the side of the road, in addition to several florist shops around Malta, where you can purchase fresh flowers from. Fresh roses can be expensive but there are many cheaper flowers that are just as beautiful. You can fill a small vase with less than 10 euros if you choose the right flower(s). You don’t have to go for a big bouquet, just a select few stems and some greenery is all you need to make a lovely centrepiece. Alternatively, you could head to the garden centre and get some flowering potted plants to accessorise your home.

Adding florals doesn’t just have to be about literally buying fresh flowers. You can buy floral patterned wallpaper, bed linen and cushion covers, for example. Use these sparsely around your home so that you don’t overdo it. Keep the florals low-key so that you don’t bombard your home with flower patterns. One statement floral piece in each room is probably enough. This can be as small as a floral tea towel and as big as a floral carpet. Use your personal style to accessorise your home with spring flowers in your own way.

Light it up:

From next week, when we celebrate the Spring Equinox, up until the end of June, the days are going to get longer and longer. This means more daylight. Yay! Did you know that Valletta gets more hours of sunshine than virtually any other European capital? You should definitely think about making the most of the natural light in your home. Exposure to natural sunlight boosts your health and boosts your mood. Invite more light into your home by switching up your curtains. Take down your heavy, thick winter curtains and replace them with something more sheer. Linen is an ideal fabric for springtime curtains. You can also use mirrors to reflect more natural light throughout your home, as well as moving any furniture or plants out of the way that block your windows. In addition to inviting in more natural light, you can accentuate the artificial light in your home, too. As an idea, you can install some new light fixtures or lamps with colourful lampshades. 

Colour it in:

As we’ve just mentioned, colourful lampshades are a great way to add colour into your home. Now is the time to shun the winter shades and welcome in the palette of spring! Many homeowners and interior designers opt for pastel shades in the springtime. Mints, peaches, lavenders, dusty pinks and buttery yellows are all popular options. However, if you like to go bold or go home, then go for it. Don’t feel like you have to keep things pastel to keep them spring-like. Pretty much any addition of colour will make your home feel more alive and joyous. Be as bold as you dare, we say.

There are so many different ways you can incorporate colour into your home. The most obvious of all is probably paint. Paint can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You can buy a tin from a designer paint brand, or you can go for a cheaper, home brand alternative. If you’re on a budget, why not stick to one statement wall. That way, you don’t have to paint the whole room, but you’ll still get a pop of colour. Alternatively, you could paint just the bottom half of the wall, or even the ceiling. These two trends are in-vogue at the moment. Other than with paint, you can add colour into your home in a variety of different ways. Put your colourful books on display on a shelf; buy some candles; recover your cushions; hang up some art or frame and show off your favourite family photos. The possibilities really are endless.


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