Most Wanted Luxuries in Mediterranean Homes

Most Wanted Luxuries in Mediterranean Homes

In this article, we explore some of the top features and luxuries that buyers want in their Mediterranean homes. Of course, some of these features are wanted by buyers all over the world, but we’re interested in Mediterranean homes! With the market the way it is at the moment, property in Malta is attracting many Maltese and international buyers. Adding one or more of these features will certainly add value to your home. In addition, it’ll make it all the more desirable when it comes to selling. 

Garage space

This is one of the most-wanted extras for a home in Malta, let alone the rest of the Mediterranean. Parking can be a total nightmare here. The lack of parking and traffic are the two worst things about driving in this country. Home owners want to know they’re guaranteed a parking space every time they come home. Garages also keep your cars safer and protect them from the elements and the unfortunate consequences of construction! Garage space is desirable not only for the parking but also for the extra storage. With a decent-sized garage, you’ll have room for your car and any surplus boxes you don’t want cluttering up your house. 

Big, open-plan kitchen

A big, open-plan kitchen and dining area is also very high on the list for buyers. The Mediterranean lifestyle is very much about entertaining and socialising. A happy Mediterranean home is a home filled with love and laughter. Separate dining rooms not only feel outdated but they’re also pretty inconvenient! If you’ve got people over for dinner, you’d have to carry every dish into the dining room one by one. And really, who has wait staff anymore? Plus, you wouldn’t be able to socialise with anyone whilst you’re cooking! An open plan kitchen feels more spacious and less stuffy. Islands and breakfast bars are very popular.  


This one pretty much speaks for itself! What’s not to love about having a private pool in your house in the Malta? The Mediterranean climate is hot and humid. Swimming in the pool after a long day at work is the perfect way to cool off. Lounging around the pool on sunny summer days is also wonderful at the weekends. There are many different types of pool you can add to your home, depending on your budget. It has been said that having a pool can actually increase the value of your property by up to 6 or 7%. 

Lavish bathrooms

That’s right – lavish, luxury bathrooms are where it’s at! Having your very own mini-spa in your house will feel like you’re always on holiday! Home buyers really look for a stylish, modern bathroom. Marble and slate are two popular, natural materials to use in the bathroom that add a decadent touch. Polished concrete is now in-vogue at the moment, too. Free-standing bath tubs, spa showers and heated floors can all work to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. If your budget allows, you could think about adding a steam room or a hot tub. 

Energy efficient solutions

Environmentally-conscious buyers are turning their attention to homes that are more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes benefit everyone – they minimise wasted energy and help keep bills to a minimum. Good insulation is a great starting point; if your home is well insulated, you’ll be able to cool or heat your home for much less. Double-glazing is a must, as is installing energy efficient appliances. Smart appliances and smart lighting attract modern buyers who like technology wired into their homes! You can get all sorts of smart appliances, including washing machines, dryers, kettles and ovens. Smart home security systems can also be installed, so you can log into your camera feed from anywhere with your smartphone!

Natural light

Maximise the natural light in your home wherever possible. Valletta is one of Europe’s lightest capital cities. It sees almost 3,000 hours of sunshine every year! Why not make the most of this in your home? Soak in the vitamin D and improve your mood, your sleep, your productivity and ward off illness and cancer. 

Storage space

One thing that modern homes never seem to have enough of is storage. We live in a consumer culture and we’re forever buying more and more stuff. However, we never seem to have anywhere to put it. Many homes are lacking storage but what high-end buyers want is smart and stylish storage. Sleek wardrobes with sliding doors are in high-demand. Buyers also love secret spaces and hidden cupboards that have been designed to look like something else! Many designers are making modern, chic furniture that doubles up as storage. Coffee tables, beds, ottomans and sofas can all hide your belongings inside! 


Gardens are especially in demand in Malta and are seen as the height of luxury! Properties with a garden or a decent amount of outdoor space are hard to come by. Moreover, these sorts of properties tend to be the most expensive and the most desired! Homes in the Mediterranean have the advantage of being situated in a lovely climate! There are only a couple of months a year where it’s too cold to relax outside in Malta, so outdoor space can be used almost all throughout the year. A garden is more luxurious however, it also requires a lot of upkeep. Patios are the easier of the two in terms of maintenance. Whichever of the two you have, as long as there’s enough space for friends and family to hang out in (or BBQ in), home buyers will love it. In Malta, a well-kept patio or garden will certainly add value to your property. Failing outside space, buyers also love balconies. Especially on properties in good locations with a nice view! The bigger the balcony, the better. A balcony that’s not big enough to be enjoyed is not worth having at all!

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