Awesome Activities for Autumn in Malta

Awesome Activities for Autumn in Malta

What do people think of when they think of Malta? Sun, see, summer, sand and sunbathing? Alas, the summer is over, and autumn is here. So, what now? Although many people like to claim that there’s no autumn in Malta, you certainly can’t deny the drop in temperature and the thunderbolts and lightning! On sunny days, the temperature is still pretty hot but it’s not enough to entice many locals down to the beach. The beaches are quiet and the sea is warm but, still, you’ll probably only see tourists lapping up the autumn rays. So, on cool autumn days, or for those of us who don’t like autumnal sunbathing, what is there to do in Malta in the autumn? Well, Malta is by no means a one trick pony! There are plenty of activities that you and your friends can enjoy now that the summer is officially over. See our list below of six awesome activities to do in the autumn in Malta.

1. Lock Yourself in a Room
Yes, literally. And pay someone to help you do it, who will also make it incredibly difficult for you to get out! Of course, we’re talking about an Escape Room. There are several companies that have Escape Rooms around Malta. The most popular ones are located in Sliema (Scavenger Escape) and Fgura (Can You Escape?). Essentially, this activity involves you and several friends (or colleagues) being locked in a room. You’ll then have to work together to solve clues to help you escape within a certain time. Each room usually has a unique theme (such as space, zombie apocalypse, ancient Egypt etc.) which will make things more exciting. The clues will require you to solve riddles, find objects and unlock coded padlocks, among other things, before eventually leading you to your ultimate freedom! Going to an Escape Room is a great team-building exercise and a really fun rainy-day activity!

2. Make the Most of the Maltese Countryside
In the summer, it’s far too hot to be walking around in the sun. That’s why you should take advantage of the cooler autumn sun. On a dry and bright autumn day, why not put on your comfiest pair of trainers and head off on a walk in the Maltese countryside? You may not believe us when we say there are loads of routes you can take. Google it if you don’t believe us! You’ll find loads of articles giving you suggestions for beautiful countryside walks. Going for a walk is the perfect choice for those of you who are feeling a bit claustrophobic in Malta. Get back to nature and refresh your love for this beautiful island.

3. Challenge Your Friends to a Gun Fight
Not with real guns! We’re not advocating violence here, just some friendly competition! It’s time to show your friends that you’ve got superior combat skills – and not only in video games. We’re talking Laser Tag, baby! In Malta, you can play Laser Tag inside or outside. The most popular indoor Laser Tag arena is in Bay Street but that’s not the only one. Indoor Laser Tag is probably what your mind immediately envisions when you think of this activity – flashing lights, neon colours and dark rooms. However, you can also play Laser Tag outside with Battlemaxx! It really helps to give the game a ‘reality boost’ as you’ll be running around outside, hiding in bushes and protecting your base. The guns are realistic, and you can even choose which one you want to play with! Don’t believe us when we say how fun it is? Try it out for yourself. It’s not too expensive and autumn is the perfect time to give it a go – it’s not too hot to be running around and it’s not too cold to be hiding in a bush. May the odds be ever in your favour!

4. Go for a Picnic
Picnicking is yet another activity that’s pretty uncomfortable in the heat of summer. The time when you’ll want to be enjoying your lunch is the time when you’ll also want to be lazing inside under the AC! Thankfully, autumn temperatures are just right for picnicking, especially on a sunny day. Pack up a picnic basket and head over to Buskett to enjoy an autumn picnic amongst the trees! It’s Malta’s largest area of woodland and makes for a lovely, family day out. There’s even a designated picnic area with tables so you don’t have to go all Bear Grylls. Take a few games with you, like badminton or frisbee, and you’ll have yourself a great time.

5. Relax and Unwind at the Spa
If you aren’t much of a picnicking, walking or gun-fighting person, you might prefer to spend a cool, autumn day at the spa. Luckily, Malta is home to a myriad of 5-star hotels so there’s no shortage of luxury spas! Myoka spas are probably the most famous, but there’s plenty of choice and a spa day to suit every budget. If you get a group of friends together, you might even be able to get a group discount. Keep your eye out for great offers now that the peak tourist season is over. Sometimes, you can find offers that include the use of the spa facilities in addition to one or two treatments for a decent price. Take a minute to imagine it, will you? The pools, the jacuzzi, the massage, the mimosa! Yes please and thank you.

6. Redecorate Your Malta Property!
Finally, if you’re a homebody, autumn is the perfect time to redecorate your Malta property. If you much prefer to stay in than go out, then why not make your home somewhere you really feel happy. In the summer, you probably shunned all rugs and blankets and kept the colour-scheme light and cool. Now that the cooler months are coming, you’ll want to re-think your interior design. It’s time to switch to warmer, richer colours. Why not head over to a DIY store and pick up some fresh paint? If you rent your apartment in Malta and you can’t paint, there are loads of other things you can do to make your home feel cosier and warmer. Put fluffy rugs on the floors so that you no longer have to step on the cool tiles. Buy throws and cushions for your sofas and chairs. Switch up your sheets! All these little changes will add up and you’ll feel like you’re living in a whole new apartment.
That’s it for our top tips on making the most of Malta’s awesome autumn. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at QuickLets or Zanzi Homes if you’re looking to move, rent, buy or sell your Malta property! Autumn is as good a time as any to make a change and our property experts can help you every step of the way.

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