The TOP 5 to feel good at work

The TOP 5 to feel good at work

5 tips to make you feel better at work and have a good day without any hassle!


1 - Take your time in the morning

It is very important to take your time in the morning and to wake up slowly. Setting your alarm is important to start the day, but you have to take your time when getting out of bed and do not rush!!  Waking up quickly can affect your mood for the day!

Our advice? Set the alarm clock for 5 minutes early, hit snooze a couple of times and take the time to wake up.

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, do not skip it!  Take the time to grab a juice, coffee, tea and eat something nutritious. 

2 - Turn your anger into something positive

Anger is a feeling that can easily set in!

An unpleasant email, disappointing results, an untidy office etc.. can all contribute to changing your mood and making one nervous.  Do not let anger condition your day or performance, channel your anger and allow it to help you to take quick decisions, how to say no and be firmer.

3- Take frequent breaks

Legally, a twenty-minute break must be taken every six hours. However, taking a five-minute breather every hour or so helps increase productivity.  It is important to get up from your desk, go for a walk and get some fresh air.

4- Create a space of solidarity

It is important to work in good conditions and in a good atmosphere. Although it all starts with the manager, employees also have the power to create a great working environment. It is important to resolve any conflicts and good communication between employees is essential to create a space of trust. A good working environment and vibe will ensure everyone is in a good mood!

5- Separate work and private life

One must be able to switch off when not work. Taking your work home with you can put you at risk of suffering from burnout!! Enjoy your time away from work by relaxing with friends & family, watching TV, going out and sleeping. Sleep is also essential! One needs at least eight hours of sleep to be ready and fresh for a new and exciting day ahead!! 


Emilie Romero
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Emilie Romero