Bathrooms and Beyond – what do they say about you?

Bathrooms and Beyond – what do they say about you?

Have you ever thought about bathrooms? Like really thought about the sanctity of a bathroom and how this private space can shape your day? Well, a bathroom is essential, not only due to its daily use for the… essentials... but also as a personal quarter that you head to first thing in the morning and just before you hit the hay late into the night. A bathroom is a sanctuary where alone-time is very much needed, deserved and hopefully respected. But what about the en suite?

The term ‘en suite’ finds its roots in the French language and literally translates as “in connection”. It first appeared in common language around the year of 1812 according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Adopted by the Brits to carry a more specific use and altered meaning; in British English, ‘en suite’ means adjoining bathroom. Generally connected to a bedroom for convenience sake.

The en suite provides a sense of facility, elevated comfort and a certain amount of luxury. Most modern, or recently renovated homes feature an en suite in the master bedroom and are a sought after feature on a homeowner’s checklist. Although a family bathroom is by no means inferior to an en suite, the added personalisation of the attached lavatory adds value to any home.

Acquiring a home that features both an en suite and a general bathroom is not entirely uncommon but nonetheless a bonus for the daintier residents. The benefits of the en suite simply lie in the fact that privacy and boundaries can be respected when hosting a dinner party or welcoming overseas guests into your house, for example. The question that’s up for debate here is whether couples should have shared en suites or personal ones.

Studies have shown that the average couple spends more time in the bathroom with one another than they do at the dinner table. This is due to the fact that couples, especially the younger generation, are comfortable to engage in their daily-bathroom activities while their other half is in the room. Whether it’s a morning shower or a quick trip to the loo, for many couples it makes no difference if their partner is in the room or not. Very often couples carry out their daily routines together, an innocent teeth-brushing session might be thought to strengthen relationships due to the increased time spent in each other’s presence. Although a sneaky afternoon shower with that special him or her might help your relationship, there are a number of factors that point towards the introduction of separate bathrooms into your home. Here’s why:

The Toilet Seat

Men, women, children, it makes no difference who left it up, the important thing is that your toilet seat is closed shut after a visit to the ceramic throne. The germs that spread when the toilet seat is left up has nothing to do with your male counterparts forgetting to close the lid but… should the men in your life commit this heinous crime, your worries are by-far reduced with the introduction of your own private bathroom.

The Toilet Roll

Picture this, you’re sat on the loo and in need of some loo roll but there’s only one square left and this time, that’s not quite enough. Who’s to blame? Well if you’re sharing an en suite then it might be either one of the residing parties but if you’ve got your own loo then possibly this analogy was a blast from the past that needn’t happen again. Having your own en suite means you are the King (or Queen) of the Throne.

The Lost Hairs

Male or female; stray hair find their way into the shower drain, sink surface or sometimes, even the bathroom floor. Although this is as natural as the light of day, it is at the very least irritating. Having your own en suite means this never has to dampen your day ever again - cleaning up after yourself is never a daunting task but cleaning up after a fully-grown adult is somewhat disturbing. Spring for the extra bathroom, you’ll thank us later.

The Lukewarm Shower

Nothing cries “I NEED my own bathroom” like a generous helping of lukewarm water every morning. Nothing. Although it may be nice to share an intimate shower every now and then, hopping into a semi-heated, not so toasty shower, may push you towards a personal bathing space.

Not only does this additional shower area avoid the tepid waters from making contact with your skin, it also speeds up the before-work shower or the before-dinner wash-up. Gone are the days where fighting for the shower was a thing - say goodbye to the morning rush and sing your way through those morning suds.

The Sense of Mystery

Whenever we enter the en suite, it very well is to carry out some private business, that does not necessarily require an audience. As Michael Caine once pointed out; “You never share a bathroom with your wife.” The mysterious ‘acts’ that are performed in the privacy of one’s bathroom are best left private. Whether it’s a shower after a trip to the gym or a weekly trimming of that stubborn nose hair, spare the details and keep that for behind closed doors.

The points above may have nudged you in the right direction, that is, finding a home with more than one bathroom where shared bathroom space, access to the mirror whenever you need it and a fresh toilet roll at the ready is a norm. Humor aside, finding a residential property that boasts two or more bathrooms is not an unachievable characteristic in a Maltese home.

Most traditional homes in Malta are large enough to cater for two or more bathrooms while modern apartments are generally equipped with both an en suite and main bathroom. Although an additional bathroom may be on your list after reading this; the large selection of property on the market will give you the freedom of choice, whether to keep the shared bathroom time for romantic bathtub relaxation or keep your business under lock and key. 

Steve Mercieca
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Steve Mercieca