Malta is a beautiful island and to find the best places and views of the island can be as easy as getting up and exploring the island. You might discover a view yet to be seen by anyone else. In this short blog you will be entering an adventure with us that will take you to five locations all over the country, that you can visit and enjoy the astonishing views of the amazing landscapes. For those who are more interested in the quiet location, so they may have more fun alone by themselves, partner or a small group. Don’t worry we have it all just for you.

Dingli Cliffs Easy

This hike is an adventure that puts you right in-between what would appear to look like the sea and sky, due to your complete surrounding of oceans.  In this hike you can see the majestic cliffs dive into a deep blue sea and the waves hit the rock. During you way you can stop in some places to eat a snack or a lunch and enjoy the view.

Blue Grotto Easy

near Si??iewi, Is-Si??iewi

Blue Grotto’ is a famous place of Malta and one of the locations with a surprising Natural rock climbing structure perfecting for extreme sports. The journey to this destination alone is amazing. Detours can be made on the way to the blue cave, where you can make stops at the prehistoric temples. With a good weather forecast it may be possible to have a boat tour around the island famous spot ‘Blue Grotto’, to have a better view of the beauty of mother nature and what it can create.

Marfa cliffs, start at ramla bay Medium

The best way to truly discover and new location, that’s not explored in Malta, is to simply walk around the island and by doing so you will be able to enjoy your own new secret place. This location is homed to a variety of different natural habitats, from farmlands to woodlands areas, bays, cliffs and garrigue.

Valley of Nadur Ramla Bay Easy

This is a great hike for beginners, ‘Valley of Nadur Ramla Bay’ will take you across the beautiful sandy bay of Ramla. When you reach the beach, it is a great opportunity to take off your shoes and go for a paddle, or a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. At both ends of the bay are trails that lead up to breath-taking scenic viewpoints that overlook the beach. Another key bonus of this destination is the easily reachable ‘Calypso's cave’, that adds to the adventure of this hike.

Comino Easy

Don't forget the little island between Malta, Comino and Gozo. It may be small but it adds to the experience of being on the island and the many exciting hiking exploration to be done and new location to be found.  The Comino island may only being 3.5km², but being at the centre of the two island, you can see many of the spectacular spots such as the Blue Lagoon and many other beautiful views that can all be seen  in the country.

Begin your adventure today and explore the beauty within the island


Jullian Cervilla
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Jullian Cervilla