Virtual Viewings: What a real estate visit look like in a few years?

Virtual Viewings: What a real estate visit look like in a few years?

New technologies are facilitating our daily lives, personal and also professional.

Everyday businesses evolve due to innovation, regardless the business i.e. medicine, accountancy and also real estate. Nowadays, we can look for an apartment online. Real estate is inseparable from the internet. This is because peoples do not have the time to move around the city to find their ideal or dream home.

Technologies have evolved very quickly and can abruptly affect our lives. The virtual reality experience is one of these revolutions. Virtual reality allows customers to visit any property easier from any location and can be experienced through our real estate agency Zanzi Homes. This innovates the way we view properties. Through this technological experience we aim to facilitate the sale.

The 3D plans allow a finer navigation with a depiction close to the photo. The virtual visit puts the client in an emotional state and becomes much more immersive.

Moreover, it’s possible to do virtual home staging, which is an opportunity for the customers to design the interior look of their new property. This is very important, because it allows them to see before/after, which is key for visualizing the future.

Accessory: The Virtual-Reality Headset - This accessory allows the customer to have the possibility to pre-visiting the properties.

This experience avoids physical traveling for clients and constraints for the owner (i.e. their presence, the keys to the property or an over booked viewing).

During this experience our agent will remain alongside the customer throughout, commentating on the property as the customer proceeds with it virtual tour. This accessory is more used for properties on sale, the modeling allows the customer to see the configuration of the properties in details (i.e. Furniture, walls, decoration etc).  

This experience is indeed very easy and very playful for the customer. You can now come and explore your potential future property in a comfortable and exciting way.

No more need to move or to imagine, the helmet virtually does it all for you!

Just like many of other countries, in Malta the real estate market moves very fast and some properties are just not built yet. A property undergoing construction can’t be viewed which can affect the decision-making process in buying property. But not to worry, the world is changing, the advancement in technology has created the perfect opportunity for Zanzi Homes specialists to immerse you into the very depth of the property development. The virtual reality experience turns building plans (developers vision), into life and can be experience with us at Zanzi Homes.

At ZanziHomes we aim to use the Virtual-Reality Headset and the 3D modelling to plunge the customers into their next property without having to move a muscle!

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