Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Emerge as a Hub for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Commerce

Quicklets and Zanzi Homes Emerge as a Hub for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Commerce

The Quicklets and Zanzi Homes (QLZH) group describe themselves, not as estate agencies,
but as prop-tech companies. With the union of both technology and property, their
specialisation subsists in software and real estate.

Steve Mercieca, the group’s CEO, explains how the companies differ from others as
“sophisticated software development is central to us. We have designed our own back-office
system from the ground-up, developed our Virtual Agent (VA) system and have established
strategic business systems alongside contemporary technological advance in the branches of
Marketing, Human Resources and Administration. We are now embracing blockchain
technology and have recently installed a Bitcoin ATM in our main Zanzi Homes Office, in
partnership with an Italian company.”

“We are aiming to install one in all our branches, so as to put us on the bitcoin map. The
QLZH group is focused on being the real estate agency to go to when using these new
cryptocurrencies in the property industry. Incorporating the financial exchanges of the digital
age, we anticipate clients who will want to use such currencies for trade, as well as for
property payments. Such a technology promises anti-fraud measures, in encrypted and
transparent data flow, decentralising deposits by working through peer-to- peer connections.”


Disclaimer: Bitcoin is a digital decentralised cryptocurrency with no supervisory or
regulatory oversight, which is not regulated by Maltese or EU law, which exists in a purely
digital state to the exclusion of any physical form, and which is stored on a digital wallet
which is potentially vulnerable to begin stolen or hacked without subsequent mechanisms for
recovery or any legal guarantee or protection. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are not
regulated and do not provide protection to Bitcoin owners in case of failure or bankruptcy.
Incorrect or unauthorised transfers cannot typically be reversed. The value of Bitcoin depends
on a system of supply and demand which may fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably and which
may even depreciate to zero.

Marco Schembri
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Marco Schembri