5 Tips for Moving to a New Home.

5 Tips for Moving to a New Home.

Let’s face it, moving into a new home can be quite overwhelming. In Malta, people tend to live with their parents for a longer time. This is mostly due to the tedious journey first-time buyers go through, as we would rather spend time saving up on a deposit for a home-loan rather than renting a property. In other circumstances, people will want to buy a second home to accommodate a growing family, or sometimes the opposite, when kids have left home and you realise a smaller home would be more practical, especially without those burdensome stairs! The following points should aid you in your considerations! Plan ahead.


1. Organise & list.


Organise your move, to ensure that moving day runs smoothly.




Apart from the obvious furniture pieces you will want to take with you, there’s also the small stuff that will need to be moved on D day! Make a list of what you are transporting and write on each box what’s inside it. You’ll thank yourself later! Buy some good tape and marking pens. The list might include a lot more than you initially think, including many items that were once neglected, but you now realise you cannot live without them! Your decorations and kitchen items will surely be in the list, otherwise rendering you useless behind the stove. As well as your cosmetics and bizarre toothbrush you have nurtured a fetish for.



2. Book the right transportation.


By planning out your move, you will get to know exactly how many boxes you have to transport. Ask your friends and family to help you, tor else, go pro!



3. Get rid of clutter.

You have the opportunity to sort out your belongings, so that you don’t take stuff that you no longer use to your next home. This will save you time to unpack and a lot of space from your new abode. Always recycle plastics, paper & other recyclable materials. Donate clothing that you don’t use anymore or that has gone out of fashion.



4. Protect valued items.


If you have already lived in a house and moving to another, the chances are that you already own some valuable items, or consequently, breakable objects. Use bubble wrap to avoid braking them, and adopt super attention!



5. Keep an eye on important papers.

Gather all your utility bills, guarantees, certificates, bank records, contracts and other important papers in a box file. Keep these close and guarded.



If you’re still looking for the perfect home to move into, speak to us today. Finding the right deal is an uncharted territory; therefore, it’s incredibly important that you are represented by a professional real estate agent with a great track record. Here at Zanzi Homes, we will guide you through the property search process from start to finish, helping you land the perfect deal for your property in Malta!


Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri