The Big 5 – Why We Headin’ South?

The Big 5 – Why We Headin’ South?

5 Reasons People Are Considering Buying in Southern Areas.

Choosing the right property may prove to be more difficult than initially thought. Primarily, one needs to find the right location, according to their lifestyle. That means living comfortably in harmony with your daily tasks, including work, transport routes, access to amenities and schools. Secondly, the number of bedrooms must correspond to the size of the family and third; it should attract enough of your aesthetical taste to buy it.

Location, however, is the most important aspect. The sort of property, its size, and whether it is furnished or not, is not absolute.  Since you choose to live there according to the whereabouts whether central or suburban – you can change and alter the other factors. Here are five considerations linked with choosing peripheral or remote properties.


1. Better price.

Southern properties tend to be cheaper, especially if you are a first-time buyer and have only entered the market recently.  Properties can be up to 40% cheaper, making it more affordable.



2.  More space!

You will probably get more square meters for the money you spend. Unlike other central or coastal properties, outlying properties normally tend to be bigger.


Buying in Southern Areas


3. Noise, pollution out of the way!

Heavy traffic is normally avoided in southern areas, devoid of annoyingly busy transport links. You’re rather more inclined to hear the local Lampuki vans or neighbours shouting! heavy silence. Expect quiet nights and fresher, cleaner air. You’re in for more greenery and open spaces, and maybe some views!


4.  Wonderful people, and superb family-run restaurants.

Your daily lives may be peppered by extremely interesting people, and your weekends enjoyed by traditional-serving eateries. You’re in for a diverse cultural setting, allowing you to play a bigger part in the local community. Don’t forget the cool events and festivals during summer!


family-run restaurants malta


5. It’s not that far.

Let’s face it, south of Malta is not that far from the rest. You need to lookout for the most efficient junctions, and calculate the amount of commuting time for work, schools, etc.

Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri