The Big 15 – How to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

The Big 15 – How to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Yeah, we all heard it. At the supermarket, at work or our Sunday family lunch. These heat waves have not only conquered our summer temperatures, but also dominated our table conversations. Here are some tips that can help you get through the burning heat! Of course, you can beat any ardour with air conditioners, but this blog aims to help you keep cool without the use of AC. Here we go!





DON’T Let it Shine During the Day.


1. You really do not want to let any heat or humidity come prancing in your home. Close your sun-facing windows and also close curtains, but make sure you ventilate naturally at night (or on cooler days). Interior doors should be kept open to let air currents inside.


Design Changes and Invest in Accessories.

2. Some changes you can make are cost-effective. For example, you can put up white window shades or mini-blinds, which can diminish solar heat gain by 50%. Then again, you might like the look of bamboo shades outside your windows, lessening heat intrusion even more.  





3. When it comes to your bed, refrain from using satin and silk, but choose cotton materials – preferably light-coloured. Ever heard of Buckwheat? Get pillows filled with that grain and they’ll absorb some more heat along with your cotton linen.  


4. Use black-out curtains! They’re designed to block light and absorb heat.


5. Light bulbs give off heat, even if they're ecologically-friendly. Save on your bills and live in the dark


6. Electronic devices also emit heat, so turn off those you’re not using. Go to the beach or to a lido to socialise! 



7. White. Paint it white – not black


Hot, Hot, Hot!


8. Refrain from cooking hot meals! Hot stoves heat the place up…. Have a salad!  


9. Since we’re on the subject, avoid chili. No Pepperoncino my Italofans!  



10. Hot water bottles. Same use as winter, but the other way around. Get it? You need a freezer, of course.


11. Use a fan, and make it spin round, round, baby


The Extremes.


12. If you have an open space around your home, plant some trees that will create shade around your house. 



13. Awnings, awnings!


14. If you DO have an AC, make sure that it is equipped against humidity. In our hot, humid summer, the best models have variable or multi-speed blowers. Again, avoid moisture sources entering the property. BUT, DO NOT use a dehumidifier simultaneously with your AC, as it will make it work harder, increasing its cooling-load. Additionally, do not use AC in rooms that you are not using.


15. Ice-box it. You heard right, use ice in front of you. 

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Marc H. Schembri